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House Rules

House Rules - Zante Flower Alykanas

Zante Flower Studios and Apartments, would like to thank you...The Management and Staff, hope that you have a wonderful holiday and that you take a little extra care on Zante’s roads...

Our name, Zante Flower, is a symbol of a rare flower that is only found on the evergreen island of Zakynthos!

Our Staff, is always on hand to accommodate your every need, please do not hesitate to do so.

Our contact numbers are +30 6982 732 300 or +30 26950 83485.

We would appreciate if you were to follow some guidelines, just a few, in order to make your stay pleasurable and help our establishment, be the best that it can be.

Help us be, ecologically sound, and use your water wisely.

Please turn off your air conditioning, even for a short while, so that our precious planet can be enjoyed by all.

Show consideration and turn off all your lights when exiting your Studio or Apartment, let’s not add to an already polluted planet!

All rooms are a non smoking area, please show consideration in upholding a clean and pleasant environment, both for you and future guests.

Please take care on the marble stairs.

Please place all toilet paper in the bins provided.

Please follow all the guidelines, as noted for the Jacuzzi and Pools.

Our infamous, Caretta Caretta and our monk seals, Monachous Monachous, kindly ask, that you use as little chemicals as possible, ensuring that our waterways are kept clean and appropriate for our unique wildlife.

Please do not throw toweling on the floor.

Please keep the Studios and Apartments in an orderly fashion, after all a clear environment is always a happy one!

Please take care with the freshly painted walls.

Our WiFi, is complimentary and for all our guests to use.
Password: ZanteFlower2016

Please take into consideration, that due to our location, at times the internet speed may vary. This is unfortunately beyond our control, but we do ask for your patience in this matter.
Please be mindful and show antique furniture the respect that they deserve.
A safety deposit box is available upon request.
Management yields no responsibility towards missing items.
All damages are payable to Management by the customers.
Please note a percentage of our profit margin, will be given to a philanthropic organization. We intend to keep this commitment now and in the future.

Kind regards,
The Management
Zante Flower Studios and Apartments.